New Blush Pink Diamond Rings

Explore our beautiful new range of Blush Pink Diamond rings set in unique, elegant designs, crafted in 18ct white & rose gold.
Argyle Mine

The Closure of the Argyle Mine

After gracing the diamond market with 90% of the pink diamonds you see today, the Australian mine closed its doors in November 2020. Due to the depletion of the Australian pink diamond supply, the esteemed stones are now one of the most limited natural wonders of the world.

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gift box

Pink Kimberley Diamond Seals

If you’re trying to think of affordable Argyle pink diamond solutions, look no further. Whether you would like to replace diamonds in a ring, explore accessible luxury options, or simply want to buy a thoughtful and tasteful gift, a customised diamond seal is the perfect option.

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australia owned

Australian Owned and Operated

Established in 1967, Pink Kimberley is a proud family-owned Australian business. We have been servicing and elevating the jewellery and watch industry for over 50 years, pushing the boundaries with our contemporary approach to pink diamond jewellery designs.

Pink Kimberley’s legacy is to provide our customers with the highest quality pink diamond jewellery in the world. Every piece has been crafted with care, alongside the knowledge that every Argyle pink diamond holds its very own slice of rare, Australian geological history.

About Pink Kimberley

Pink Diamond Authenticity

All of our jewellery products and loose pink diamonds are accompanied by an array of certifications. If you would like to learn more about our certification and the importance of authenticity when purchasing Argyle pink diamonds, click the link below.

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