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The Investment Advantages of an Argyle pink diamond

As expensive as they are rare, the beauty of a pink diamond from the Argyle mine in Western Australia is truly a treasure to behold. Collectors, sybarites and investors alike have appreciated owning a piece of inimitable history with the purchase of these fascinating pink diamonds.

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What Next for Australia's Diamond Industry?

Australia is a land rich in natural resources. An international mining powerhouse, our continent is well known as a key global source of gold, iron and coal amongst dozens of other minerals, but less understood is our unique place in the diamond industry.

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What Makes a Good Investment Diamond?

If you’re considering adding pink diamonds to your own portfolio, ensure you’re making an informed choice. While demand for diamonds is as high as it has ever been, not every stone is worth your attention as an investor. Join Pink Kimberley as we describe a few of the qualities to look for in a stone worth your investment.

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