What Makes A Diamond Pink?

A symbol of luxury, elegance and romance, pink diamonds have captivated the world for millennia. It is little wonder why these precious gems are revered. And, after discovering just how pink diamonds are created, you’ll soon understand why they are also in such high demand - and why their price is worth every cent.

Enveloped in mystery which no doubt adds to their allure, pink diamonds have always fascinated connoisseurs and investors. As you read on, you’ll soon find out what makes a diamond pink and how they are created.

Theories of how pink diamonds are created

While it is well-known how other diamonds get their colour, there is a lot of speculation about how pink diamonds get theirs. Of course, this only adds to their charm.

Scientists remain baffled as there have been no contaminants or chemical impurities found in pink diamonds. For example, in blue diamonds, their colour is found from traces of boron. Yellow diamonds, on the other hand, have shown to contain nitrogen.

One theory is that their colour is attributed to some distortion in the earth’s mantle, where pink diamonds are found. Intense heat and great pressure from all directions (known as non-isotropic stress) alters the qualities of light reflected by the diamond.

Another theory is that seismic shocks during their formation process may have displaced many carbon atoms and altered the molecular structure. That’s why we observe the stones as pink.

How are pink diamonds collected?

The process to extract pink diamonds from below the surface of the earth is as laborious as it is costly. They are brought to the earth’s surface with eruptions via kimberlite pipes.

For every one million carats of diamond produced in the Argyle mine, only one carat will be of high-quality pink colour. Furthermore, Argyle pink diamonds can take three to four times as long to polish, in comparison to white diamonds.

Lastly, it’s worth noting that it can take millions of years for a single pink diamond to form. As one might imagine, all these factors are what increases a diamond’s value - in addition to its beauty and rarity.

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