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Boasting luxury and boundless enchantment, diamonds are considered to be the earth’s most sophisticated natural gift. Although diamonds can be found embodying a myriad of different colours and hues, nothing quite compares to the striking magnificence of a pink diamond.

Of the world’s 1.2 billion carat diamond reserve, only 0.1% of them are considered to be pink diamonds. The deeply scarce and unique nature of the pink diamond is what makes them such a valuable and precious investment.

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The Argyle Mine

In 1979, a group of geologists were exploring Western Australia’s Kimberly region when they spotted an unmistakable glisten amongst an anthill. It was a discovery that would alter the diamond industry forever. Six years later, the Argyle Mine was founded upon this site.

Up until its closure in 2020, the Argyle Mine was the birthplace to 20% of the globe’s total diamond reserve, including 90% of the world’s supremely treasured and highly coveted pink diamonds. The unrivalled Argyle Pink diamonds sourced from the mine now proudly don the Argyle name as a signifier of its remarkable origin and place within Australia’s history.

A Rare and Fleeting Luxury

After almost 40 years in operation, the Argyle Mine’s diamond yield had been depleted. As a result, the mine concluded its production in November of 2020. Due to the closure of the mine, The Argyle pink diamond has now become one of the rarest and most opulent commodities in the world, carefully holding a piece of Australia’s geological history within each and every one.

Continuing its reign as an Australian ‘heritage’ diamond, the Argyle pink diamond will carry on astonishing industry leaders and gemologists for the rest of time. Secure yourself an investment in Australian history by securing an Argyle pink diamond piece.


The Pink Diamond Colour Grade

The stones sold at Pink Kimberley are from the Argyle mine in Western Australia, and have been classified using two colour grading systems, the Argyle pink diamond system and the GIA system.

The GIA grading method for pink diamonds varies slightly from that of the Argyle mine, classing each stone by their intensity of their pink colour. The Argyle pink diamond grading method is internationally recognised and developed exclusively for pink diamonds, grading stones based on their hue, tone and saturation. 

Pink diamonds can embody a kaleidoscope of different colours, but the fundamental directive is that with intensity of colour, comes opulence and value.


The Argyle mine certificate & Our Certifications

The sale of most unique Pink Kimberly diamond piece with a single stone over 0.08ct will be accompanied by an official Argyle Certificate of Authenticity. This is the only document that is universally trusted to verify that your pink diamond is of Argyle origin.

Our very own Pink Kimberley or Blush Pink certificate card will also accompany each purchase which states the specifications of the jewellery piece or diamonds. Followed by a disclaimer that all pink diamonds are sourced from the Argyle mine in Western Australia.

Do not purchase any Argyle pink diamond without a trusted certificate from Argyle or Pink Kimberley.

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Pink Kimberley Diamonds - An Iconic Australian Brand

Imagine a beautiful dawn in the remote part of the East Kimberley region in Western Australia. The soft blush to deep magenta hues of the morning sky. Remarkably, these Argyle pink diamonds were discovered beneath this breathtaking facade, glistening specks found amidst tons of prehistoric rock.

This image is what defines the natural Australian beauty of the Pink Kimberley brand. It provides us with the design inspiration to craft each unique and individual piece, just like a work of art.

All Pink Kimberley jewellery is made of 18ct White and Rose gold, set with Argyle pink diamonds. Each individual stone is painstakingly chosen and carefully arranged in an expression of Australian creativity.

Why are pink diamonds called 'Argyle pink diamonds'?

The term ‘Argyle pink diamond’ indicates that the diamond in question has been sourced from the Argyle Mine in Western Australia’s Kimberly region. Although 90% of the world’s entire pink diamond holdings have been sourced from the Argyle Mine, not every single pink diamond is considered to be an Argyle Pink Diamond.

Are Argyle pink diamonds better than other pink diamonds?

The pink diamonds sourced from Western Australia’s Argyle Mine are world renowned for their discernibly vivid pink colour. The same degree of colour radiance is seldom found in pink diamonds from other origins. The closure of the mine in November 2020 ensures that each diamond yields a piece of Australian geological history.

Are Argyle pink diamonds still being mined?

No, Argyle pink diamonds are no longer being mined. The Argyle Mine in Western Australia’s East Kimberley Region ceased operation in November of 2020. The mine closed its doors after its diamond yield had been exhausted. The closure of the mine and limited availability of the Argyle pink diamonds has made them an exceedingly rare commodity.

Blush Pink Diamonds - Affordable Luxury

Argyle pink diamonds have been growing in demand and also in price over the years. What was affordable ten years ago, have now tripled in price. Within the jewellery trade, master jewellers and jewellery stores prefer to craft jewellery for the higher valued market/clientele in-order to boost their prestige, thus leaving many Australians unable to afford our heritage diamonds.

Blush Pink Diamonds aims to create a range of natural Argyle pink diamond jewellery that is accessible to all. Crafted with premium 18ct white and rose gold, each jewellery piece combines the mesmerising display of pink diamonds along with sparkling white diamonds. An accessible luxury brand for the stylish and savvy connoisseur.

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