Just How Rare Are Argyle Pink Diamonds?

Indubitably beautiful and increasingly rare, natural pink diamonds are among the most treasured types of diamond currently available. Unique in its colouring and composition, the Argyle pink diamond is exceedingly rare and takes its name from the now defunct Argyle mine in Western Australia. But what exactly makes this diamond so precious, and just how rare is an Argyle pink diamond? Read on to discover more about this treasured stone!

Where do Pink Diamonds Come From?

Understanding where pink diamonds are mined and how often they occur explains much of the stone’s rarity. The overwhelming majority of natural pink diamonds are mined in Western Australia, with the Argyle mine being responsible for approximately 90% of the world’s supply before its closing in late 2020. Despite this, authentic natural pink diamonds accounted for less than 1% of the mine’s production.

Why Are Argyle Pink Diamonds in Such High Demand?

When it comes to understanding the demand behind Argyle pink diamonds, it’s best to also understand the diamond’s properties.

Quality and Composition

Argyle pink diamonds are unique in a myriad of ways, including their structure. More complex than a white diamond, a pink diamond can take up to four times as long to polish.

Pink diamonds also come with their own grading system, classifying their colour range and intensity. While it is the intensity of the shade and hue that determines the stone’s value, the origin of the pink diamond’s colour still remains relatively unexplained. Some experts argue that pink diamonds are subject to a process called plastic deformation; an alteration of the diamond’s structure during its journey to the surface, causing it to absorb light differently from other diamonds. This difference in light absorption causes the diamond to refract the pink hue.


Pink diamonds are among the most beautiful gemstones available in the world - and no two are alike! Due to their unique properties and composition, pink diamonds can appear in a multitude of shades and intensities, each colour informed by a secondary hue within the stone.

The most valuable pink diamonds are graded Fancy Deep; a high-intensity, deep pink shade. A pink diamond’s secondary hue will inform its pricing, so a stone with an underlying purple tone will fetch more than a diamond with a brown undertone, as these will affect the intensity of the colour and, ultimately, the pink diamond’s grading.


With the closing of the Argyle mine, the pink diamond has become exceedingly rare and coveted. While its desirability was never contested, the mine’s closure means that the production of authentic natural pink diamonds has dwindled, with little reprieve in sight. As such pink diamonds present themselves as a highly sought-after investment opportunity, with their value looking to increase in the foreseeable future.

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