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Learn more about Argyle pink diamonds

Ever wondered why Argyle pink diamonds are such a tantalising investment opportunity? Investors have long safeguarded the secret and prestige behind these diamonds, but we believe that our heritage should be accessible to all. Even the smallest of diamonds could potentially see a return. Read more about our diamonds in our educational blogs below:

Diamond Education - learn about the beauty and history behind these precious diamonds and where they come from.

Investor Centre - our latest helpful guides aimed at providing all investors with the correct information and data.

About Pink Kimberley - our story and mission statement in making these diamonds accessible to all.

Why are Argyle pink diamonds so rare?

The majority of Argyle pink diamonds are mined in the Argyle Diamond Mine in Western Australia and since it opened, more than 824 million carats of rough diamonds have been harvested. However, less than 1% of the diamonds mined are pink diamonds, demonstrating their rarity! Approximately just 4,000 Argyle pink diamond carats were produced every year until the Mine’s closure in November 2020.

Are Argyle pink diamonds a good investment?

Due to their incredible rarity and high value, Argyle pink diamonds will only increase in price per month. The average investment growth is said to be around 15-20%. Keep in mind that this figure is only relevant for Argyle pink diamonds that come with an Australian certification, such as our Pink Kimberley diamonds.

How much is a pink Argyle diamond worth?

The price of Pink Argyle diamonds - just like all diamonds - largely depends on the quality of cut, colour, clarity and carat. While all regular pink diamonds are costly, a certified Argyle pink diamond is even more lucrative. To put into perspective, a 1 carat Argyle stone can easily amount to over $1,000,000 AUD!

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