Prolific and Extremely Rare

One of only five exceptional round brilliant cut diamonds were above 0.70ct in weight in one of the last Tenders, and one of only thirty six round brilliant cut ravishing
Fancy Intense Pink diamonds offered at Tender since 1984. Extremely desired by collectors worldwide with extremely desirable specifications, this diamond is primed to be at the top.


CUT Round Brilliant
WEIGHT 0.72ct
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Exceptional Presentation

A limited edition collectible requires a presentation that is unparalleled. The exemplary box comes large and houses the wooden tender box while showcasing a 360 degree video of your purchased tender diamond.


Price: $1,000,000 - $1,500,000

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Gemmologist's Notes

This diamond is representative of one of the last exuberant, poignantly powerful bursts of life, light and colour that is drawn out of the Argyle diamond mine before it closed. An exquisite round brilliant cut Argyle pink diamond with captivating even colour distribution and scintillating brilliance. A premium cut with mesmerising beauty with a polished and faceted girdle. Very minute inclusions barely visible under 10x magnification and clean table. The Argyle Lot Number of 377117 is laser inscribed on the girdle.

An Ultimate Possession

One of an historic collection showcasing 64 carefully curated, certified premium Argyle pink diamonds from the 2019 Tender. A fleeting opportunity to obtain a piece of Australian history.