Argyle Authenticity - Understanding Certifications for Pink Diamonds

The world of diamonds is one where beauty intersects with science, resulting in the mesmerising allure of stones such as the esteemed Argyle Pink Diamonds. To ensure the authenticity and value of these precious gems, various certifications provide peace of mind and assurance to purchasers. Our commitment to transparency and quality is why we're updating our certification information to include detailed insights into the different types of certification when comes to Argyle Pink Diamonds and we will look at them in detail for each one of them:

  1. 1. Argyle Pink Diamond™ certificate

  2. 2. GIA certificate

  3. 3. GSL Certification (Gem Studies Laboratory)

Argyle Pink Diamond™ Certificate

The Argyle Pink Diamond™ certificate is your assurance of the stone's origin from the renowned Argyle Mine in Australia. This certification guarantees that you are purchasing one of the rarest diamonds in the world, known for its unique colour spectrum and unmatched radiance. The impending closure of the Argyle Mine has made these certificates highly coveted, as they are a token of authenticity for a finite resource steeped in luxury and prestige.

Argyle Gem Identification and Authenticity Document - "The Argyle Certificate"

An Argyle gem identification and authenticity document is provided with all Argyle diamonds that weigh over 0.08 cts and these can be verified on the Argyle Diamond website for all diamonds issued from 1st January 2009.

As a further security measure, Argyle moved to laser inscribing the girdle of all polished pink diamonds from late 2004. They began with the diamonds weighing greater than 0.20 ct and then from January 2009 it was expanded to include diamonds weighing greater than 0.08 cts. The laser inscription is a unique lot number that is only visible under magnification, a mark of its unique provenance, its sustainability and its guardianship. Many Argyle diamonds also carry grading from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), a separate and independent grade associated with each stone.

When purchasing an Argyle pink diamond, the Argyle certificate is a must. It is the only document that is trusted worldwide and can insure that your pink diamond is of Argyle origin. The secondary security measure would be the ID No. that is laser inscribed on the girdle of your pink diamond.

To check the authenticity of your diamond by your ID number, please visit the Argyle Pink Diamond website by clicking here.

GIA Certification - The Global Standard

When it comes to diamond certification, the GIA stands at the forefront. Known worldwide for setting the benchmark in gemological analysis, the GIA's Coloured Diamond Grading Report is more than just an assessment; it's a seal of global standard. Here's why GIA certification carries unmatched importance:

Comprehensive Analysis

Each GIA report provides an exhaustive evaluation that includes:

  • An accurate assessment of the diamond's colour grade, colour origin, carat weight, and clarity.
  • A plotted diagram showcasing the clarity characteristics of the stone.
  • A unique serial number that is laser-inscribed into the diamond, creates an indelible link to its report and verifies its authenticity.

Industry-Driven Research and Ethics

Founded in the 1940s, the GIA has been instrumental in professionalising the jewellery trade by:

  • Introducing the four Cs grading system.
  • Promoting standards and ethical practices in the jewellery industry.
  • Conducting extensive research that supports ongoing education in geology.

Invaluable for Investment and Legacy

An Argyle Pink Diamond with a GIA certification is more than a gem—it's a piece of history. Holding GIA documentation means:

  • An assurance on the precise characteristics of your valuable Argyle Pink Diamond.
  • Confidence in your investment, given that every feature of your stone has been meticulously documented.

GSL Certification - A Mark of Excellence

Alongside the globally recognised GIA, the Gem Studies Laboratory (GSL) certification holds its own as a prestigious assessment for pink diamonds. Based in Australia, GSL offers a comprehensive analysis tailored to the unique attributes of pink diamonds, underscoring its expertise in the local and international diamond industry. Why consider a GSL certification for your pink diamond? Here’s what sets it apart:

Detailed and Tailored Analysis

GSL's certification process meticulously examines each pink diamond, providing:

  • A thorough report detailing the diamond's colour intensity, hue, and saturation, which are critical for valuing pink diamonds.
  • Insights into the stone's clarity, cut, and carat weight, alongside the standard identification features.
  • A focus on the provenance of the diamond is particularly important for Australian-sourced pink diamonds.

Australian Expertise

With its roots firmly in Australia, GSL brings a nuanced understanding of the local diamond market, including the famous Argyle diamonds. This local knowledge translates into:

  • A certification process that respects and highlights the unique qualities of Australian pink diamonds.
  • Expertise in the characteristic features of Argyle diamonds, offering buyers and sellers an added layer of confidence.

Commitment to Quality and Integrity

GSL is revered for its unwavering commitment to quality and integrity, which includes:

  • Employing state-of-the-art technology and methods in the assessment of diamonds to ensure accuracy and reliability.
  • Upholding strict ethical standards in its operations, offering peace of mind to consumers about the origin and quality of their pink diamond.

In choosing a GSL certification for your pink diamond, you're securing a testament to its beauty and value, backed by expert analysis and deep industry knowledge. This certification not only raises the bar for quality and authenticity but also enhances the diamond’s appeal to potential buyers, making it a smart choice for those looking to invest in or collect these exquisite gems.

Pink Kimberley Authenticity Card

Each piece of Pink Kimberley jewellery comes with an official Certificate of Authenticity. It features an image of the jewellery along with the design number plus a list of the diamonds including details with weight, shape and diamond colour grade.

All of our Pink Kimberley certificate cards are printed just for your piece of jewellery upon order.

Understanding the Certifications

For advocates of rare beauty, understanding these certifications is paramount:

  • Argyle Pink Diamond™ certificate: Direct from the source, confirming your diamond has always been in the careful custody of Argyle Pink Diamonds and its selective partners.
  • GIA Certificate: The granular inspection on which savvy investors rely, bearing a detailed assessment of the diamond's individual traits.
  • GSL Certification: The premier verification marking your diamond's exceptional pedigree, affirming its place among a lineage of rare treasures.
  • Pink Kimberley Certificate of Authenticity Card: This certificate is exclusively issued by Pink Kimberley Customers.

By enhancing and differentiating between the above certifications, we aim to provide our clients with comprehensive knowledge and confidence in their purchase.

Discover the prestigious world of Argyle pink and blue diamonds with our detailed guide on diamond certification. Learn about the uniqueness of GSL Certification, the Argyle Pink Diamond™ certificate, the GIA report, and the exclusive Pink Kimberley Authenticity Card, ensuring your piece's rarity and authenticity.



  • Gloria Monkhouse

    Gloria Monkhouse

    December 14, 2021 at 03:11 PM

    I have a concern about pink diamond earrings that I purchased on TVSN Chanel.The only certificate I received was Cardboard.How can I be sure they are from The Argyle Diamond Mine.Regards Gloria Monkhouse

  • Leona Hain

    Leona Hain

    December 14, 2021 at 03:12 PM

    How do I get a certificate when I bought the pink argyle diamond ring in 2008 . I believe certificates were only issued from 1st January 2009 .have spoken to the Jeweller in Perth where I bought the ring . So how can I get a certificate the jeweller sashes me it is an argyle diamond

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