Diamond Education

Pink Kimberley: Our Jewellery Design in the Spotlight

At Pink Kimberley, we’re proud of our position in the market. Our close relationships with people across the jewellery world allow us an incredible level of access to the world’s finest stones, including highly sought-after pink diamonds from the famed (and now closed) Argyle mine. Gorgeous in the rough and only improved by the skilled cutting and polishing that is essential to making the annual Argyle Tender a success, pink diamonds from the Argyle mine are a true Australian natural wonder.

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Engagement Rings: What You Need to Know Before You Buy

An engagement ring is something truly special. It’s a symbol of the commitment you make to one another, a physical token of your love for each other and a promise to stick together. But it’s also a piece of jewellery. The sentimental value of an engagement ring is unmistakable, but this is a ring that your partner is most likely going to be wearing every day for the rest of their life – take the time to ensure that you are getting them something they will enjoy wearing.

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