Pink Diamond Buying Guide for 2024

Pink gems are richly coloured stones that exude femininity and delicacy, making pink diamonds the perfect choice for mothers, lovers and daughters. But picking out the ideal Argyle pink diamond is an art. It takes more than looking at the overall appearance of a pink diamond to assess its quality. Luckily these skills can be learnt after the correct teachings. While most will look towards the overall colour and cut of their pink diamond, if you want to choose a high-quality pink diamond, it's essential to understand the carat, colour, clarity and cut of your prospective diamond.

Pink Diamond Colour Value Listings

While the cut is the most important factor for colourless gems like classic diamonds, colour is crucial for fancy coloured gemstones, such as pink diamonds.The Gemological Institute of America provides authenticity checks and extensive research regarding the value of your pink diamonds colouration and hue. Through accessing the colour, hue, and tone of your diamond, a complete ranking of the quality of your pink diamond can be completed, which will reveal its worth and price.

Any pink diamond will have a primarily pink hue; however, there are often variations within each jewel. Although these jewels are called pink diamonds, you'll rarely find one with a pure pink hue as they're scarce and will have a skyrocketed price. When talking about a common pink diamond hue, you'll most likely see a light-toned red, which will still be certified by gemological labs as pink in shade. While a primary pink hue is rare, secondary hues are quite common and will factor into your diamond's price, commonly present as brown, orange, purple, yellow, and orange.

What Makes a Pink Diamond 'Fancy'?

All coloured diamonds will fall into a particular colour grade determined by their face-up colour, determining the overall quality and worth of your stone. These rankings range from faint at the lowest to fancy in the mid-range and fancy vivid at the highest level. While pink diamonds may be classed as very light, darker tones can vary from fancy light, to fancy dark or deep. While fancy variations such as fancy vivid are the highest ratings, these gems are often the most highly saturated ones.

Because each grade needs a specific range of tone and saturation to be met, you should always take a closer look at your prospective pink diamond. Comparing two fancy pink diamonds could see different tones and saturation levels, so it's crucial to refer to the GIA's colour chart to understand what class of pink diamond you're looking at.

The Three C's: Carat, Cut & Clarity

 While clarity is a less price defining feature than colour, it can still make a difference. When choosing a pink diamond, the higher the clarity, the more desirable and high the price will be.

Unlike colourless gems, pink diamond cuts don't play a significant role in pricing. The cut of your pink diamond will fall to personal taste more so than class specification. It is important to know that brilliant cuts won't show your pink diamond colour as nicely as traditional round brilliant cuts.

When looking at the carat of your argyle pink diamond, you should consider anything above 0.2 carats as large. Any pink diamond above one carat will be regarded as a rarity and will have a price to reflect that.

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