Why Pink Diamonds Aren't Just a Passing Trend

Aside from the distinctive colour, there are numerous other things that add more value to Argyle pink diamonds compared to their other diamond counterparts. The limited 90% of the world’s natural pink diamonds were sourced from the Argyle mine in Western Australia, and the mine’s closure in 2020 has only amplified the appeal of acquiring pink diamonds. Although the supply of pink diamonds in the world is diminishing, pink diamonds are here to stay for a long time. Learn more about the reasons that make pink diamonds an exclusive addition to both your jewellery collection and investment portfolio.

1. They are extremely rare

The intensity of the colour saturation determines the value and quality of pink diamonds. Pink diamonds acquire their unique colour from trace elements formed under extreme pressure around 100 miles below the earth’s surface. The rarity of this natural occurrence allows you to discover only one pink diamond in every 2,500,000 tons of processed diamonds. For this reason, natural pink diamonds often come at much higher prices than white diamonds with similar clarity and cut grades. The Argyle mine in Western Australia was known for producing the finest coloured pink diamonds in the world. For every 1,000,000 carats of diamonds sourced from Argyle, only one carat will contain high quality colour and tone. While less intense pink diamonds can go up to $10,000, pink diamonds with richer colours can go up to $700,000 per carat.

2. They diversify your investment portfolio  

With an average growth rate of 10-15% yearly, the rarity and scarcity of pink diamonds provide an attractive investment opportunity for your portfolio. Since 2005, the value and popularity of pink diamonds as investment assets have surpassed other types of investment such as cash, gold, or property. Within the last 20 years, the prices of pink diamonds have increased by approximately 500%. The protection against inflation gives pink diamonds the ability to consistently grow through strong and weak markets and generate short-term and long-term returns for the investors. Diversifying your investment portfolio with pink diamonds certainly provides exciting and promising prospects.

3. They make stunning pieces of jewellery and accessories

As one of the most compelling gemstones that dominate the diamond market in the world, nobody can resist the ethereal quality that emanates from pink diamonds. The rarity and beauty of pink diamonds make them highly prestigious amongst influential figures in history and popular culture. For example, in 1947, Queen Elizabeth II was gifted a 23.6-carat pink diamond set as a brooch. You can also discover 182-carat and 60-carat pink diamonds in the Iranian Crown Jewels. Other than that, the delicate colour and brilliant sparkle of pink diamonds make them a covetable stone for anyone with a strong passion for gemstone jewellery.

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