Choosing The Best Gold for Argyle Pink Diamonds

What type of gold pairs best with an argyle pink diamond?

As one of the most coveted diamonds in the world, the beauty of pink diamonds is unquestionably captivating. Imbued with undertone hues that vary from brown, orange, or purple, the distinctive colours of pink diamonds add to the allure of these gemstones on the diamond market. If you’re looking to wear your pink diamond as a jewellery piece, the next step is to choose the suitable metal that magnifies the glow of your pink diamond. Keep reading to learn how different types of gold complement different tones of pink diamonds. 

An outstanding combination of rose gold and pink diamond

The pink colour in pink diamonds is formed through rare natural occurrences, which is why the colour brilliance of each pink diamond determines its value. To enhance the excellence of your pink diamond, it’s important to pair it with a precious metal that complements the pinkish hues in your stone. Pink diamonds are most commonly paired with white gold and rose gold, however can be uniquely crafted in yellow gold metal; rose gold is a favourite choice as it complements pink diamonds. The golden shade of pink in rose gold intensifies the vibrancy of pink diamonds in pale pink champagne and pink rose colours, creating an illusion that makes your diamond appear more prominent. Not only does rose gold magnify the allure of your pink diamond, but it also adds a harmonious contrast to any skin tone.


Alternative settings in white and yellow gold

When it comes to pink diamonds with richer and darker tones, most jewellers recommend setting them in white gold metal to saturate the intense colour. On the other hand, yellow gold settings create a balanced pairing with pink diamonds without overwhelming either one’s natural tones. If the colour of your pink diamond has a warmer undertone, setting it in yellow gold will unleash a captivating radiance from your stone. 

Unique styles that complement pink diamonds

Despite the rules and recommendations mentioned above, you can still get creative with your metal selections and experiment with different styles and designs. For instance, you can set a pale pink diamond in white gold metal and surround the stone with a rose gold metal rim in a refined bezel setting, or mount your stone onto rose gold prongs. This way, you can still use the metal colour of your preference without compromising the brilliance of your pink diamond. For an exceptional, unique pop of colour, our Blush Aida Dress Ring features 3 bands of Yellow, White and Rose Gold, intertwined and decorated with Argyle pink diamonds.  

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