Pink Diamonds Vs. Traditional Diamonds: What Sets Them Apart?

Rare, valuable and with an irresistible feminine energy. In the jewellery industry, we often say nothing is desired with as much intensity as pink diamonds - and it’s easy to see why.

With Australia’s own Argyle mines producing the vast majority of the world’s pink diamonds, we’re a nation that doesn’t shy away from home-grown beauty. From their rarity to their source and how much pink diamonds actually cost, we’re making it easier for you to decide between pink and traditional diamonds for your next special occasion.

Pink diamonds & you: A match made in Argyle heaven

“This is a product that uses Australian materials, is designed by an Australian family business, and is worn by Australians who love home-grown products.” - Pink Kimberley

Clients who visit Pink Kimberley choose pink diamonds for many reasons. The first and most obvious reason: Their stunning shade. Having usually done their research, our customers often choose pink diamonds from our store because they’re both ethical and Australian.

Most of the people who walk through our doors are celebrating a momentous occasion, such as an engagement or anniversary.

Beyond a personal love for pink diamonds, some of our clients visit us to diversify their investment portfolio. The market for fancy-coloured diamonds continues to expand, with pink diamonds holding attention more than most because of their rarity. As the Argyle Mine in WA has closed and it’s becoming more difficult to mine for pink diamonds, we’re seeing even more interest from investors.

How Rare are Pink Diamonds?

Blush Alice Earrings

An exquisite blend of natural Australian Argyle pink diamonds with fine white diamonds. Crafted in 18ct rose and white gold.

“Rare is the union of beauty and purity.” Juvenal, Roman Poet

The pink diamond price chart stays a level above most traditional diamonds and other coloured diamonds. One of the main reasons for the cost of pink diamonds? Rarity.

The Argyle diamond mine, the most renowned source of natural pink diamonds, closed in 2020. That said, pink diamonds have always been hard to find. Before the closure, only <1% of the roughly 15 million carats of diamonds found in the Argyle mine were pink.

Today, it’s even more difficult to source pink diamonds, rendering the gemstones rarer than ever.

 It’s this exclusivity, along with the unusual way pink diamonds are formed (intense pressure on diamond deposits found in the middle of ancient continents) that enhances a pink diamond’s value and rarity.

Where do pink diamonds come from?

A home-grown touch & a national treasure.

Over 90% of the world’s pink diamond supply originated from the Argyle diamond mine in Western Australia.

Our Australian-grown gemstones outshine the rest - found in places like Brazil, Russia, Canada, South Africa and Tanzania - in both colour and quality.

Some estimations say that as much as 99% of the most vivid pink diamonds come from WA. Rich-toned gems, along with Australia’s global reputation for producing remarkable diamonds, are key factors that increase a pink diamond’s cost.

Where do pink diamonds come from?

For a piece of jewellery that’s destined to dazzle, our customers often ask us what the rarest colour diamond is. With a reported total of just 20-30 in the entire world, red diamonds are the scarcest. Their intense colour also makes them the most expensive diamond, ringing in at over USD $1 million per carat.

Blue diamonds and - our favourites - pink diamonds take joint second place in the rarity stakes, although pink diamonds are usually more expensive because their romantic colour is in such high demand.

 Just like colourless diamonds, pink diamonds are made of pure carbon. However, the pink hue we see comes from their unique crystal structure.

If you’re trying to choose between pink diamonds and traditional (colourless) diamonds, it all comes down to personal preference. You can, however, look for certain quality markers to guide you:

- Clarity - Diamonds have blemishes and inclusions (internal features). Nothing in nature is perfect, but these marks, or “clarity characteristics” impact the perceived quality of a diamond.

- Intensity - The colour saturation, or “vividness” of a pink diamond is a key contribution to its quality and value. With traditional diamonds, the GIA colour scale is the industry grading standard. The more colourless diamonds (grade D-F) are rarer and of a higher quality.

- Cut - This describes the way a diamond’s facets interact with light, to give it a bright, dazzling appearance. The beauty of a diamond is found in the way it is cut, with some variations maximising brilliance more than others. This goes for both pink and colourless stones.

More and more, at Pink Kimberley, we’ve noticed a demand for pink and traditional diamonds living in harmony. Many of our customers are looking for jewellery with accent pinks, in halo or three-stone settings. We find the contrast between pink and colourless provides the best of both worlds.

How much does a pink diamond cost?

There’s no clear-cut answer about pink diamond costs. A single carat could be worth anything from USD$10,000 to USD$100,000. The pink star was the most famous pink diamond ever sold, which fetched USD $71.2 million in 2017.

One thing you can be sure of is that more vivid pinks are in higher demand and are more expensive. Secondary tones in a diamond impact price, too. So, a purplish-pink diamond will have a higher price tag than a pink diamond with a brown tone, for example.

Pink Diamonds are extremely valuable precious gemstones, with Argyle pink diamonds priced even higher.

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So, how much are pink diamonds vs. traditional diamonds? And how is Pink Kimberley making pink gems more accessible?

As one of the world’s rarest gems, it’s no surprise that pink diamonds cost more than traditional ones. Some estimates say pink diamonds can reach 20 times the price of their colourless counterparts.

At Pink Kimberley, we set out to make sure more people can wear pink on their fingers, wrists, ears, and necks. Our Blush Collection makes that possible.

With an elegant and feminine hue, blush diamonds are growing in popularity across Australia. We’ve awarded this range a mid-price market, making Argyle pink diamonds more affordable.

We also specialise in creating cluster-style designs that look extravagant. For years, this has been an attractive alternative to large solitaire stones and trilogies, resulting in luxurious pieces that keep costs down.

Celebrate in pink!

“Your rebel soul shines like a diamond pulled from dust: Bright, clear and flawless.” - Jay Long, Author & Poet

A momentous occasion calls for a little pink. Mark an upcoming engagement or anniversary with our latest pink diamond jewellery arrivals.


A beautiful single natural Argyle pink diamond is set within round frame of fine white diamondsresting upon a delicately tapering diamond set band. Crafted in 18ct rose and white gold.

A diamond shaped necklace featuring Argyle pink diamonds surrounded by a halo of white diamonds. Sets in 18ct rose and white gold.

The Georgia ring features three stunning bands, the centre embellished with sparkling Argyle pink diamonds, set between two bands of white diamonds. This piece is set in 18ct white and rose gold.


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