The Pink Diamond Wishlist: Top Jewellery Pieces for Christmas 2023

The biggest luxuries come in the smallest boxes.

This year, elevate your gift-giving with something a little unexpected. Christmas jewellery makes for the most beautiful luxury Christmas gifts. And for a season she’ll remember forever.

What makes a gift truly special?

“Some gifts are big. Others are small. But the ones that come from the heart are the best gifts of all.” - Tinku Razoria

Think of the best gift you ever received. It probably fell into one or more of these categories: Thoughtful, unique, surprising, useful or meaningful.

Dr. Bonnie Buchele, a psychoanalyst in Kansas City, says “Gifts are an expression of feeling. It is a good idea to take a little time to think about ‘What do I want to say with this gift?’”

Because, even though the thought of buying Christmas gifts might make you panic, slowing down and putting real thought into your gift is how it becomes one of the best presents they have ever received. This thought is everything. And a gift that’s been personalised to the recipient showcases that thought.

Although it might be too late to create custom Christmas jewellery in time, the range of pink diamond jewellery at Pink Kimberley is so versatile you can choose a piece that feels personalised to them. From selecting their favourite product type (rings, earrings, bracelets or necklaces) to choosing a setting they love (simple and elegant or a rich cluster of sparkling diamonds), you can give a gift that showcases unmatched levels of thought and feeling.

Luxury Christmas gifts for her, curated by Pink Kimberley

In the midst of the Christmas rush, we’ve done the hard work for you. Our team has gathered 6 of their favourite Christmas jewellery pieces, laced with pink diamonds from the Argyle mine in Australia.

And while our pink diamond rings will always have pride of place in the hearts of our customers, earrings and necklaces get some extra special attention around the holidays.

Delicate, elegant and feminine. Argyle pink diamonds and natural white diamonds come together to create a floral motif for a luxury Christmas gift she’ll wear for years to come.

Blush Alice Earrings

Pink diamond studs are a truly unique and meaningful present. The Blush Alice Earrings feature both white and pink round brilliant cut diamonds, crafted in 18ct rose and white gold

A unique pendant with enchanting allure. The Blush Sunday Necklace effortlessly showcases the natural beauty of Australia’s pink diamonds, with no less than 24 round brilliant cut diamonds.

Kimberley Annabelle Ring

A new collection we can’t get enough of. The Annabelle ring features an intertwining design and a harmony between 20 round brilliant-cut white diamonds and 20 pink diamonds.

A round brilliant-cut white diamond is surrounded by a floral halo of stunning Argyle pink diamonds. Set on an 18ct white gold chain, the Nina exudes subtle sophistication that’s sure to make an impression.

Blush Laurena Ring

A popular piece of jewellery for Christmas, the Laurena collection pays homage to Australia’s natural wonders - from our Argyle pink diamonds to our stunning flora.

Imagine giving them a Christmas gift defined by luxury and rarity

Santa baby, just slip a diamond under the tree.

Are expensive gifts better? Not always. For us, thoughtful gifts will always come out on top. And when you can combine a truly thoughtful idea with a unique gift, you’ve got a recipe for a happy lady on Christmas morning.

Imagine her face when she unwraps a box containing one of the rarest diamonds in the world. Our Australian pink diamonds come from the Argyle mines, which have now closed down, making them some of the hardest-to-find precious stones on the planet. Surprise her with something rare, luxurious and beautiful.

Left gift-buying until the last minute?

It happens. But we have a Christmas miracle that means you can buy luxury Christmas gifts for her that will arrive in time for the holidays.

It might be too late to create a custom piece of jewellery, but our Blush Collection is filled with stunning items you can give as a last-minute gift. With so many options within the collection, your chosen gift will feel like it was made just for them.

Plus, they’re some of our most affordable pink diamonds and we have stock that’s ready to be shipped out immediately.

Popular Christmas jewellery in Australia for 2023

What’s trending?

  1. 1. Customised jewellery. From initial pendants to birthstone jewellery, gifting a personalised piece is a gesture of love they’ll treasure for a lifetime.
  2. 2. Engagement rings. There’s a romance in the air at this time of year. The ultimate luxury Christmas gift for her is a promise you’ll love her forever.
  3. 3. Delicate bracelets. An item of jewellery that can pull off everyday wear and enhance an evening gown in equal measure.
  4. 4. Diamonds. They really are a girl’s best friend. Especially when they’re pink. If you’re running out of time to order a custom Christmas gift, let her unwrap a loose diamond from the Argyle mine in Western Australia. You can always visit our store in 2024 to create a piece of jewellery that incorporates the pink diamond.

What are the rules for gift buying? Let Pink Kimberley guide you…

Jewellery is one of the most personal gifts you can give. A true expression of love that can last a lifetime with the proper care.

No pressure, though. At Pink Kimberley, our team can help you choose a piece of pink diamond jewellery with ease.

To get you started, ask yourself these questions.

  1. 1. Should I buy a ring, earrings, pendant or bracelet? While rings are our golden child, we know sizing can complicate things, especially when you’re against the clock. Earrings, pendants and bracelets are good failsafe options. Opt for simple and classic if you’re feeling dazed by all the dazzle.

  2. 2. What’s your budget? A luxury Christmas gift usually comes with a luxury price tag, but there are more affordable options, too. If you’re working with a budget of less than $5000, you’ll find something beautiful in our Blush Collection. For slightly higher budgets, diamond stackable rings are an incredibly thoughtful gift. And, if you have over $10,000 to play with, explore our entire range to your heart’s content. Our team of advisors can help narrow things down if you’d like some assistance.

  3. 3. How much do you know about Argyle pink diamonds? Understanding and sharing the history of these diamonds brings a new depth to your gift. The hue of a pink diamond is a major determinant of value, and customers who have done some research into the industry often have their hearts set on a certain colour intensity. Not sure? Start with this guide to pink diamond colour grades.


Order luxury Christmas gifts online

 There’s still time to accentuate the holidays with pink diamonds.

Order pink diamond jewellery online at Pink Kimberley to have the perfect gift delivered in time for Christmas.


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