Why Pink Diamonds Make the
Perfect Holiday Gifts

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without a bit of sparkle. Okay, a lot of sparkle.

The Christmas trees are twinkling. Our clothes are laced with sequins. Every pair of eyes even gets a little brighter.

That’s why giving jewellery around the festive period just makes sense. Whether you’re searching for diamond gifts for your wife, partner, mum or another special lady in your life, celebrate their individuality by opting for rare Argyle pink diamonds found only here in Australia.

Diamonds for Christmas? Sensational.

Pink diamonds for Christmas? Perfection.

“The best things in life are free. The second best are very expensive.” - Coco Chanel

Rare, unique in nature, and Australian. Just three reasons why pink diamonds make the perfect gift for Christmas.

If you’re searching for a memorable gift this year, pink diamonds are hard to top. They make up just 0.02% of the Argyle mine’s total yearly production and, despite their rich history, remain an enigma. Scientists today are still unsure about exactly how pink diamonds get their colour.

The ultimate diamond gift for her, amaze the woman you love with one of the rarest-coloured diamonds on the planet.

Stack the odds in your favour: The perfect diamond gifts for her

If we had to choose one diamond gift style for her this Christmas, it would be stackable pink diamond rings. Select as many as you like and give her the opportunity to add to her collection over time. One of our more affordable collections, your loved one can chop and change the rings she wears each day, depending on her mood and style, and the occasion.

Diamonds this versatile are rare. Here are some of our favourite stacker rings for Christmas.

Why are diamonds the perfect gift for Christmas?

‘Tis the season to sparkle.

Trying to think up original gift ideas for your wife, partner or family member every year can be tasking. Some years, thinking outside of the box means looking inside the box.A diamond gift beats socks, scarves and air fryers every time. And the reasons go far beyond monetary value.

Diamonds are sentimental. They show thought, love and care has gone into the gift. Not only that, but a diamond really is forever. Choosing a diamond gift for her means choosing something she can look at and admire, day after day.You can be sure that a diamond will never go out of style.

What does a diamond mean, spiritually speaking?

More than an eye-catching accessory.

It takes over a billion years to form a diamond. Each one is rare and special, and their spiritual meaning has always gone so much deeper than their surface-level beauty.

A diamond is said to represent love, purity and faithfulness. Famously formed under pressure, diamonds are said to pass that strength and endurance to the wearer, and even to drive away bad energy.

For centuries, people have given diamonds to symbolise their love and commitment to one another. The holidays are a time for showing how we feel, and a diamond gift for your wife or partner is an unmatched vessel for your emotions.

Tips to buy a diamond gift that’ll make her heart skip a beat:

As one of the world’s rarest gems, it’s no surprise that pink diamonds cost more than traditional ones. Some estimates say pink diamonds can reach 20 times the price of their colourless counterparts.

At Pink Kimberley, we set out to make sure more people can wear pink on their fingers, wrists, ears, and necks. Our Blush Collection makes that possible.

With an elegant and feminine hue, blush diamonds are growing in popularity across Australia. We’ve awarded this range a mid-price market, making Argyle pink diamonds more affordable.

We also specialise in creating cluster-style designs that look extravagant. For years, this has been an attractive alternative to large solitaire stones and trilogies, resulting in luxurious pieces that keep costs down.

Capture the joy of the season, with Pink Kimberley

From selecting stacker rings to personalising diamond gifts that’ll light her up this Christmas, master the art of giving with Pink Kimberley.

Place an order online or visit our showroom. But act quickly so our pink diamond elves can complete your order in time for Christmas.


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