Celebrity Spotlight: Famous Pink Diamond Jewellery Moments

Timeless enough to transition from Queen Elizabeth to Jennifer Lopez.

Take a journey into some iconic celebrity moments featuring stand-out pieces of pink diamond jewellery. While colourless diamonds have dominated public desire for centuries, we can largely put that down to their abundance.

Pink diamonds, on the other hand, are rare, special and exclusive. But what if we told you that you could be inspired by iconic jewellery from unforgettable celebrity moments… and even own a dream piece yourself?

From Jennifer Lopez to Lady Eliza: Indulge in our 3 favourite celebrity moments

Jennifer Lopez’s stunning pink diamond engagement ring

Don’t be fooled by the rocks that she got, but J-Lo sets the standard in luxury jewellery. Ben Affleck proposed to Jen in 2002 with a six-carat pink diamond ring, triggering a wave of lust for pink gemstones.

Rumour has it he chose the stone simply because Jennifer liked the colour pink, but the piece soon became iconic (and, we bet, an incredible investment).

The “Bennifer” ring was a trilogy beauty, featuring a radiant-cut pink diamond with trapezoid accent diamonds. It’s said to be worth over USD 3 million.

Mirror her style:

Just like J-Lo’s rock, the Kimberley Endarri Ring is an indulgent trilogy, showcasing a radiant-cut Argyle pink diamond with tapering white diamonds.

How Rare are Pink Diamonds?

Anna Kournikova’s pink diamond engagement ring

Calling the ring a “huge declaration of love”, the ring given to Anna Kournikova by Enrique Iglesias in 2009 got the paparazzi in a tizz.

To this day, the pair have never married and although they mostly stay out of the spotlight, they share occasional family moments on social media.

The piece in question was an 11-carat pink pear-shaped diamond with white accent diamonds, ringing in at around USD 1.8 million.

Mirror her style:
Lady Eliza’s pink diamond ring & earrings

Lady Eliza Spencer, and her twin, Amelia, have been sponsored by Boodles for a recent campaign.

Labelled “two sparkling sisters” by the British jewellery brand, the pair are the daughters of Charles 9th Earl Spencer and Victoria Lockwood, and nieces of the late Princess Diana.

We’ve been obsessing over the pink diamond ring and matching drop earrings worn by Eliza for a glamorous Boodles photoshoot.

Mirror her style:
More celebrities & their iconic pink diamond jewellery

When pink jewellery meets the red carpet.

We can’t underestimate the timeless appeal of pink diamonds across eras. Meet the classic and contemporary examples of pink diamond jewellery to grace both the red carpet and royal grounds.

1. Blake Lively’s 12-carat oval pink diamond ring. While other celebrities choose only the most special moments to wear their pink diamond ring on the red carpet, Blake is an exception. She regularly proudly wears her engagement ring, given to her by Ryan Reynolds, whom she wed in 2012.

  1. 2. Queen Elizabeth II’s pink diamond brooch. A royal show-stopper, the Williamson brooch was gifted to the late Elizabeth II when she married Prince Philip in 1947. It includes a 54-carat pink diamond set in a floral design.

3. Mariah Carey’s 17-carat pink diamond engagement ring. The queen of pop and bling, Mariah received the head-turning ring from Nick Cannon in 2008. It’s a timeless emerald-cut centre diamond surrounded by 58 intense pink diamonds and two half-moon diamonds.

Pink diamonds & famous people: A match made in star-studded heaven

“Barely enough diamonds to fill two champagne glasses.”

Pink diamond jewellery is both a wonder of nature and a statement-maker all in one. Pink diamonds are formed under unique conditions that give them their deep and lustrous saturation. There are so few of them on earth that people who do wear them become part of an exclusive club - instantly.

More than 80% of pink diamonds come from the Argyle mine in Australia. After 40 years of operation, the mine closed down, making these pink-hued gems even harder to find.

Sources say that in the 865 million carats of rough diamonds that were unearthed over the years, only around 1900 stones were pink. To put this into perspective, Michelle Sherring of Rio Tinto Diamonds said “Our production of pink diamonds over 38 years would barely fill two champagne glasses”. She added that we’re talking about the most finite of diamonds, here.

Celebrities who wear pink are choosing something unique, valuable and not easily attainable - they’re creating celebrity moments that punctuate the narrative and make the world pay attention.

What we find interesting is that pink diamond jewellery isn’t something you often see in celebrity circles. Instead, it’s purchased by people who know the diamond industry inside-out, such as savvy investors. A famous person rocking a pink rock understands the timeless beauty of these gemstones - and they want everyone to know.

Trend-spotting feature: Celebrity jewellery featuring pink diamonds

There are more Picasso paintings in the world than there are truly exceptional natural pink and blue diamonds over one carat in size.” - Greg Kwiat of Kwiat Diamonds

Pink diamonds represent glamour, rarity and beauty. That will never change. You can, however, stay one step of the market with our snapshot of new trends in the ever-sparkling pink diamond space.

  1. 1. Pairing pink with white. Highlights the unique tint of a pink diamond, for a smattering of diamonds living in harmony. Get inspired by our white and pink diamond drop earrings.

  2. 2. Chunky jewellery. Pink diamonds are associated with delicate pieces, but we’re seeing an emerging interest in chunkier jewellery, such as bangles inspired by Brutalist architecture and multi-row pink diamond rings.

  3. 3. Pink diamonds and rose gold. A seamless blush sensation. Discover how well rose gold holds pink diamonds in the Kimberley Cara Ring.

Explore your fascination with pink diamond jewellery

Catching a rare glimpse of a pink diamond ring on a celebrity’s hand fills the press, the public, and diamond connoisseurs with excitement. Integrated into some of the most iconic jewellery ever conceptualised, pink diamonds are timeless, carrying themselves from the red carpet to royalty with ease.

For the latest trends and classic pieces, head to our new arrivals.


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