Pink Diamond Gift Ideas For Mother's Day 2022

Mother’s Day is around the corner and we know how challenging it is to find a gift for the person who nurtured, cherished and raised you and continues to do so all your life. Lucky for you, there is something almost as stunning and beautiful as your Mum: Pink Kimberley’s collection of pink diamond jewellery.

This Mother’s Day, gift your mum, grandmum, mother-in-law or any maternal figure in your life with an exquisite pink diamond from Pink Kimberley. Let us guide you through this journey and help you with ideas for the perfect Mother's Day gift.

Why do pink diamonds make the perfect gift?

Since time immemorial, diamonds have always been treasured. The purity, colour and rarity of an Argyle pink diamond makes it a precious and special symbol of love as pure as a mother. The epitome of luxury, a diamond’s true worth is determined by the emotions attached to it. So take the step, show your mum what she means to you by encapsulating your love for her in a pink diamond from Pink Kimberley.

To make the process easier for you, we’ve listed a few suggestions that would make for a wonderful Mother’s Day gift:

Argyle Pink diamond pendant necklaces

A beautiful piece of jewellery that is ideal for both special occasions and everyday wear, a diamond pendant necklace makes for one fantastic gift. Our pendant necklaces exude both style and elegance. Pink Kimberley pendants are designed exquisitely and feature stunning Argyle pink diamonds set in various beautiful designs for you to choose from.

Our picks:

Kimberley Etoile De La Mer Pendant

Kimberley Juniper Pendant

Kimberley Equine Pendant

Argyle pink diamond bangle and bracelets

A pink diamond bracelet embodies femininity and class and makes for a perfect and unique gift. Pink Kimberley’s beautiful bracelets and bangles are designed and handcrafted by expert jewellers and are one-of-a-kind.

With a Pink Kimberley Argyle pink diamond bracelet, your mum is sure to feel cherished as a piece of fine jewellery hangs off her wrist.

Our pick:

Kimberley Calla Bracelet

Blush Garland Bracelet

Kimberley Flora Bangle

Pink diamond rings

Another stunner of an idea for a Mother’s Day gift is a pink diamond ring. Each piece in our collection is designed and crafted with masterful precision. An unforgettable gift, your mum can pair it with the outfit of her choice and will never want to take it off. Make it a Mother’s Day that she will forever remember!

Our pick:

Kimberley Emilie Ring

Kimberley Lily Grace Ring

Blush Matilda Ring

Pink Argyle diamond earrings

You can never go wrong with a pair of Argyle pink diamond studs or pearl earrings. Our diamond earrings lend an element of dignity, style and grandeur to the wearer. Find earrings in a square, round, fluer, peony, drop or hoop arrangement:the options are endless. Seamlessly crafted and set in a cluster, a halo, or as a standalone piece, our pink diamonds will certainly add some sparkle to your mother’s life.

Our pick:

Kimberley Illourah Earrings

Kimberley Muru Pearl Earrings

Kimberley Estala Stud Earrings

Cherish your mother with Pink Kimberley

Make this Mother’s Day extra special for your mum with an unforgettable and phenomenal gift from our pink diamond collection. Browse our range and select the piece that will treasure the epitome of love- your mother. If you have any queries or need any assistance with our products, please contact us for personalised advice.


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