Pink Kimberley Diamond Seals

If you’re trying to think of affordable Argyle pink diamond solutions, look no further. Whether you would like to replace diamonds in a ring, explore accessible luxury options, or simply want to buy a thoughtful and tasteful gift, a customised diamond seal is the perfect option.

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Why choose a Diamond Seal from Pink Kimberley?

We strongly believe in the idea that Argyle pink diamonds should be accessible to everyone. We've made these lovely and presentable seals not only to sell them as a collectible, but to portray them in their inherent beauty. Have a look at our reasons below!

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All of our sealed diamonds come with Argyle lot numbers listed on the seal and diamond certificate card. You should only buy Argyle pink diamonds from trustworthy sources, and the quickest and easiest way to differentiate them is to look for the Argyle lot number. We display all relevant information on our website.

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Diamonds that are paired as a set should be almost identical. From the matching of colour, to an almost indistinguishable cut and down to the diameter of the diamond itself. All of our arrangements are carefully calibrated and exclusively picked by our gemmologists who deal with Argyle pink diamonds on a daily basis.

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As beautiful as our jewellery, we have designed and developed a safe and stunning way to store and showcase your smaller pink diamond investments. All of our diamond seals come with its own packaging and Pink Kimberley certificate card. Perfect to be tucked away, gifted or utilised later on in jewellery.

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We are at heart, a true-blue Australian business. Having been in the jewellery trade supplying wholesale for over 50 years, rest assured that we stand by our product and offer a plethora of personal guarantees. Don't go anywhere else for your trusted source of Argyle pink diamonds.

Perfect as gifts!

Nothing is more thoughtful than a present with true Australian legacy. These diamonds are no longer mined, therefore limited in quantity. A gift that keeps on giving.

Collect and invest

As beautiful as they are, these diamonds are rare and collectible. Pair them up within a nice and presentable display and that's where they truly shine.

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